Our factory is equipped to make your preindustrial manufacturing (pilot) industrial production of thousands parts by reference.

Our warm emulsion machines were chosen for their perfect reproducibility of batches in order to quickly move from pilot to production campaigns of 150, 250 and 500 kg (vacuum mixer).

For cold mixes you have the choice of many stainless steel tanks ranging from 100 kg to 4 tons.

Fillings and batch marking can beings made on all types of bottles / jars / tubes (diameter <50 mmm).

Laboratory LIMOTECH also supports all secondary conditionning operations (labelling, boxing, cellophane, consolidation...). All operations are performed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP ISO 22716).

Our procedures are close to pharmaceutical ones, our plan is organize with a sever control of material flow to prevent any risk of contamination :

Quarantine of inputs and systematic control before entering the stock

Procedures for cleaning equipment and machinery

Production within ultra-clean rooms by experienced staff

Sampling with automatic weighing (no contact between the operator and the material)

Total traceability from the plant grower to the finished product

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