Starting with the definition of your needs to the final validation of the finished cosmetics, our team will provide the technical, marketing and regulatory assistance you need.

We integrate all operational aspects to support the market launch of new cosmetic products and cosmetic ranges for existing brands or new brands in Europe, Asia and MEA. Our Regulatory Team will support you to export skincare products in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia including China, USA&Canada, Middle-East and Africa.

We offer simple solutions, tailored to your project, from early design to the shelf, including production, packaging and other services (printing, boxing, grouping, etc... Laboratoire LIMOTECH delivers turnkey products and cosmetic ranges taking unit cost in account early on. Your commercial strategy is therefore executed and your distribution is implemented smoothly.

Our library of more than 2000 references of bottles, caps, tubes and flasks is opened to your needs. The volumes we treat enables us to obtain advantageous prices with producers to reduce your costs.

Our facilities include pilot size equipment enabling you to start with demo batches and reduced batches on demand.

Are you looking for a lab partner based in France to rely on, able to understand your needs and to provide tailored solutions?

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